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(The right column)
(Page Header:)
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==Page Header:==
==Page Header:==
Page banner has been moved to [[Template:HomepageBanner]]
Page banner has been moved to [[Template:HomepageBanner]]
Page menu can be found here: [[Template:HomepageMenu]]
==The middle column==
==The middle column==

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This page is meant for site maintenance convenience. Links to Templates and subpages used on the main page are provided for and explained here.

Page Header:

Page banner has been moved to Template:HomepageBanner Page menu can be found here: Template:HomepageMenu

The middle column

  • About Wiki Indaba column. Top of middle column:


  • Details of a features project/Event. Middle of middle column:


The right column

  • Important dates of planned event with links to those event should be entered her. Top of right column:


  • Useful Links Section. bottom of right Column:


Page footer

  • Partners Section. Second from bottom of page:


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