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Aim of page

This page will be used to organize African Working Groups for Wikipedia and Wikimedia collaborative activities in Africa.

Group Lead

Theresa Hume

Southern REGION

  1. Oarabile Mudongo -- Wikimedia Botswana (Botswana)
  2. Maatla Kenosi -- Wikimedia (Botswana)
  3. Candy Tricia Khohliwe -- Wikimedia (Botswana)
  4. Givemore Douglas Mvumba -- Wikimedia (Botswana)

Eastern REGION

  1. Add name here -- Affiliation (Country)

Central REGION

  1. Add name here -- Affiliation (Country)

Western REGION

  1. Raphael Berchie -- Planning Wikimedia Ghana (Ghana)
  2. Felix Nartey User:Flixtey -- Planning Wikimedia Ghana (Ghana)
  3. Nkansah Rexford -- Planning Wikimedia Ghana User:Nkansahrexford

Northern REGION

  1. Mohamed Ouda (Egypt)