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Conference Participants

The following is a list of participants that we intend to invite to the conference.


Southern Region

  1. Bobby Shabangu -- WMZA (LOC), Contribs
  2. Dumisani Ndubane -- WMZA (RSA) (LOC), Contribs
  3. Douglas Scott -- WMZA (RSA) (LOC), Contribs
  4. Isla Haddow-Flood -- WMZA (RSA) and WikiAfrica (LOC), Contribs
  5. Theresa Hume -- WMZA (LOC), Contribs
  6. Oarabile Mudongo -- Planning Wikimedia Botswana, Contribs
  7. Atlohang Moseki -- Planning Wikimedia Botswana, Contribs
  8. Monthusi M. Nfandiso -- Planning Wikimedia Botswana, Contribs
  9. Peter Gallert -- Campus Ambassador: Polytechnic of Namibia, Contribs
  10. Nkansah Rexford - Planning Wikimedia Ghana (Ghana) and Wikipedian in Residence at the Africa Centre, Contribs
  11. Michael Phoya -- WikiAfrica Wikipedian in Residence, Malawi, Contribs
  12. Francis Kaswahili -- Planning Wikimedia Tanzaniai, Contribs

Eastern Region

  1. Abbas Mahmood -- Planning Wikimedia Kenya, Contribs
  2. Limoke Oscar -- Planning Wikimedia Kenya, Contribs
  3. Kosgei Isaac -- Planning Wikimedia Kenya, Contribs
  4. Erina Mukuta -- Wikipedian in Community, Uganda (Kumusha Takes Wiki), Contribs
  5. Abel Asrat -- WikiAfrica Wikipedian in Residence, Ethiopia, Contribs

Central Region

Western Region

  1. Sandister Tei -- Planning Wikimedia Ghana, Contribs
  2. Enock Seth Nyamador -- Planning Wikimedia Ghana, Contribs
  3. Felix Nartey -- Planning Wikimedia Ghana, Contribs
  4. Cyriac Gbogou -- Wikipedian in Community, Cote d'Ivoire (Kumusha Takes Wiki), Contribs

Northern Region

  1. Mohamed Ouda -- Planning Wikimedia Egypt, Contribs
  2. Yassine Tounsi -- Planning Wikimedia Tunisia, Contribs
  3. Mounir Touzri -- Planning Wikimedia Tunisia, Contribs
  4. Wael Ghabara -- Planning Wikimedia Tunisia, Contribs

Open Scholarships

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